Types of Tissue Advertising Strategies for Your Business

Tissue printing offers a novel but effective way for your business to reach your potential customers. It is a practical but highly versatile promotional material. In fact, there are several ways you can position your business strategically through tissue ads:

  1. Cardboard tissue ads – these are guaranteed to provide effective promotional services in terms of conversion, lead time and cost. You can choose from promotions, coupons or discount vouchers among others. If you want more exposure while attracting as many customers as possible then these ads can be beneficial for your business.
  2. Tissue Wallets – these offer an excellent way to be more creative with your campaigns. They are based on silk screen printing giving you higher chances of impressing your target market. People will appreciate your messages even more when they are packaged in an interesting but still useful way. They are also as versatile as you want to be.
  3. Tissue pack stickers – these are extremely cost effective and easy to execute without limiting your creative approach to branding. Business can be as experimental with their stickers to attract the right people. They are also extremely convenient to carry out since they do not require as much manpower, resources or logistics to realize.

Tissue advertisements give businesses the chance to create brand awareness in a practical but more effective way. Tissue packs serve a dual purpose: for personal use and business promotion. They are valuable to all types of consumers thus the higher chances for your business to expose brand to as many people as possible. They are also easy to distribute allowing you to target specific demographics but large groups of people. Imagine tissue packs in restaurants, parks and bathrooms. They have as much foot traffic imaginable with patrons needing tissue paper regardless of their preferences.