Tissue Ads Are Not Just a Fad, They’re Branding at Its Finest

In Japan, it is common to find 20-somethings giving away free tissues filled with colorful advertisements. What started as a fad has stayed with more companies realizing the value of tissue advertising. In essence, tissue ads allow you to promote your brand via tissue packs distributed at specified locations.

In fact, tissue advertisements have been prevalent in Japan for more than 40 years now attesting to their effectiveness for businesses those in the region. Lately, tissue printing has also been receiving attention from companies in other regions including in Singapore. Enterprises in the region can benefit greatly from promoting on tissue packs for several reasons:

  • Practical – promoting through tissue packs is a practical approach for businesses big or small. It is even a more ideal option if you have limited manpower and resources. It does not cost as much as traditional media marketing but it can reach as many people. You can leave tissue packs on designated establishments with the assurance that people will see your message. People use tissue paper for personal or sanitary purposes thus the engagement potential.
  • Versatility and distribution – it is easy to transform tissue papers into your promotional material. You can change it to a playful napkin or a professional looking pad. It can also be distributed just as fast because they do not take up as much space and weigh as light as possible.

Tissue paper has a high value in the eyes of your prospective customers because they are useful. They can either be for personal use or as a token to help other people. More importantly, they are useful to all types of people thus the higher marketing value. The more people find your materials useful, the higher the possibility of brand recall.