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Grow Your Business with these Interesting Tissue Advertising Strategies

Businesses succeed and grow based on two principles: the type of offering they provide and how they present it to consumers. Throughout the years, a number of companies, especially in Japan, have realized the potential of tissue advertising. The same goes for business in other regions. Understanding the dynamics of this marketing approach can offer enterprises incremental benefits.

Useful Promotional Material
The idea behind tissue advertisements is to give people something they need with your message on it. If you release promotional materials useful to people then they will not throw away your advertisements until they served their purpose. In the case of tissue packs, people will carry the pads until they use the paper. This gives you time to expose your brand without forcing your message to consumers. It is a subtle but highly effective move to emphasize brand recall.

Total Market Approach but With Specified Demographics
Are your products or services for men or women? With tissue advertising, targeting gender groups or other consumer segments becomes easier. Bathrooms in establishments already separate patrons by gender. This gives businesses the opportunity to tailor tissue ads according to their message and the preference of their consumers.

If they are not gender specific, tissue marketing still gives you the leverage because you can separate promotions based on location. If you are targeting families and children then placing tissue packs in amusement parks and malls may be beneficial. If you need scholars then libraries and colleges are ideal options.

Tissue packs are used by all types of demographics. You have as much freedom to choose the design, location and approach under this type of marketing. It can be a versatile depending on your needs. Businesses should identify their goals and objectives properly along with their target markets to identify the right message to put across.

Types of Tissue Advertising Strategies for Your Business

Tissue printing offers a novel but effective way for your business to reach your potential customers. It is a practical but highly versatile promotional material. In fact, there are several ways you can position your business strategically through tissue ads:

  1. Cardboard tissue ads – these are guaranteed to provide effective promotional services in terms of conversion, lead time and cost. You can choose from promotions, coupons or discount vouchers among others. If you want more exposure while attracting as many customers as possible then these ads can be beneficial for your business.
  2. Tissue Wallets – these offer an excellent way to be more creative with your campaigns. They are based on silk screen printing giving you higher chances of impressing your target market. People will appreciate your messages even more when they are packaged in an interesting but still useful way. They are also as versatile as you want to be.
  3. Tissue pack stickers – these are extremely cost effective and easy to execute without limiting your creative approach to branding. Business can be as experimental with their stickers to attract the right people. They are also extremely convenient to carry out since they do not require as much manpower, resources or logistics to realize.

Tissue advertisements give businesses the chance to create brand awareness in a practical but more effective way. Tissue packs serve a dual purpose: for personal use and business promotion. They are valuable to all types of consumers thus the higher chances for your business to expose brand to as many people as possible. They are also easy to distribute allowing you to target specific demographics but large groups of people. Imagine tissue packs in restaurants, parks and bathrooms. They have as much foot traffic imaginable with patrons needing tissue paper regardless of their preferences.

Tissue Ads Are Not Just a Fad, They’re Branding at Its Finest

In Japan, it is common to find 20-somethings giving away free tissues filled with colorful advertisements. What started as a fad has stayed with more companies realizing the value of tissue advertising. In essence, tissue ads allow you to promote your brand via tissue packs distributed at specified locations.

In fact, tissue advertisements have been prevalent in Japan for more than 40 years now attesting to their effectiveness for businesses those in the region. Lately, tissue printing has also been receiving attention from companies in other regions including in Singapore. Enterprises in the region can benefit greatly from promoting on tissue packs for several reasons:

  • Practical – promoting through tissue packs is a practical approach for businesses big or small. It is even a more ideal option if you have limited manpower and resources. It does not cost as much as traditional media marketing but it can reach as many people. You can leave tissue packs on designated establishments with the assurance that people will see your message. People use tissue paper for personal or sanitary purposes thus the engagement potential.
  • Versatility and distribution – it is easy to transform tissue papers into your promotional material. You can change it to a playful napkin or a professional looking pad. It can also be distributed just as fast because they do not take up as much space and weigh as light as possible.

Tissue paper has a high value in the eyes of your prospective customers because they are useful. They can either be for personal use or as a token to help other people. More importantly, they are useful to all types of people thus the higher marketing value. The more people find your materials useful, the higher the possibility of brand recall.

High Visibility and Distribution

In tissue advertising, you are given a bored and immobilized consumer-base who can spare more time to read and contemplate the messages you tell them. Tissue paper is more useful than brochures and flyers. When given in packs, people keep them either for future use or to pass to others for their use. This gives them mobility and visibility unlike any other.

If people see something relevant to their basic needs, they often remember things associated to those. Giving them something to read on something they often use can be one of the best ways to encourage brand exposure and recall.

It’s an ingenious way to “wipe” the competition away.

As Close To Your Choice Demographics as Possible

Tissue advertising can target specific demographics unlike any other. Take the bathroom for instance; advertisers can separate men from women already. More importantly, you can target your campaigns better depending on where people use napkins or tissues.

For instance, a public library bathroom meant more college and scholars while sports venues meant athletes and enthusiasts. Amusement parks cater to a more diverse crowd but families and children remain prominent. Tissue ads can give companies the demographics they want and as close as possible. Most people use napkins when cleaning, using the bathroom or as substitute for handkerchiefs. It can be as personal as possible.

Why Tissue Ads Help You Target the Right Market

In an age governed by digital products, it is hard to imagine where else to strike when all marketing efforts seem to target the online network. Yet there are means and places untapped which can reach just as many people as far Facebook goes: tissues and bathrooms.

Think of a pocket-sized mobile billboard found just about anywhere. From movie houses to restaurants, amusement parks, bars, sports venues and colleges, the “napkin network” offers businesses an extraordinary opportunity to reach customers anytime and anywhere.